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Capture Earth Day: How to avoid defeatism and actually do something for the Earth

April 22 · 5 min read
Company Culture
Company Culture
Happy Earth Day from OnLoop

🍃 Happy Earth Day! 🌍

At OnLoop, we believe in demystifying things like feedback and turning them into small, actionable pieces we call Captures. Captures can be one of three things: a 🎯 Goal, a 🎉 Celebrate, or an 📈 Improve. Here’s how we can Capture climate action this Earth Day:

🎯 #Goal: Keep global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. If we stay within this IPCC target, the number of people affected by drought, extreme heat, and crop shortages declines by hundreds of millions. We save 1.5-2.5 million square km of permafrost and the associated stored carbon. Tackling the climate crisis will require historic levels of collaboration, but it is important to understand that it’s not only worth it, it is our only option. #CaringForOthers #CoordinationNinja

🎉 #Celebrate: In the face of so much doom and anxiety, it’s as important as ever to be aware of all the progress being made. Check out #goodclimatenews and creators like @thegarbagequeen and @ecotok, or hear directly from IPCC authors on why they remain hopeful. A shortlist of Celebrate-worthy achievements: Bhutan—the nation that puts Gross National Happiness above all else—absorbs over twice as much carbon as it produces, there have been breakthroughs towards carbon-free steel and cement, and VCs invested an all-time high in climate tech. #FierceOptimism #BiasTowardsAction

📈 #Improve: Fund and use renewable energy whenever possible, avoid fast fashion, reduce meat and dairy consumption—we know what we’re individually supposed to do. Go further and address the systems that make it difficult to coordinate meaningful action. Contact your local representatives and push for greener laws and fossil fuel divestment, invest in carbon neutral funds, push for better public transportation access for all. #UnderstandingTheBigPicture #MoreEffectivePrioritization

Or donate some of your time (or money—money is always helpful) to organizations. Here are a few: 

  • Alliance of Climate Education
  • Clean Air Task Force
  • Coalition for Rainforest Nations
  • EarthJustice
  • Rainforest Foundation US
  • The Solutions Project
  • The Sunrise Movement

Admittedly, OnLoop’s ability to kill the performance review won’t save the Earth. But it is one of many ways to #InvestInThePlanet, the theme of this year’s Earth Day.

❗ According to Gartner (formerly CEB), performance management takes 210 hours of a manager’s time each year. Add another 40 hours for each non-manager. Now, think of all the energy—personal, electricity, and otherwise—that gets wasted through a process that doesn’t really help anyone. How on Earth (Day) is this broken system still the norm? 

💡 Instead of spending hours on empty documentation, OnLoop helps teams spend minutes a day on the things that matter most: staying aligned on goals and getting better through feedback and reflection. We leverage the very best language model in @OpenAI’s GPT-3 to do the work of a performance review for you—generating fully-written summaries of all your feedback at the touch of a button. 

Further reading:
The Performance Management Revolution:
NASA’s A Degree of Concern:
Zurich on 1 Billion Climate Refugees:
The Green Climate Fund on the IPCC Report:

The IPCC Summary and Report:

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