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Performance reviews are approaching, are you ready to reflect on 2022?

Dec 29 · 4 min read
Generative AI
Generative AI
Performance Reviews
Performance Reviews
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The anxiety and stress that comes from annual performance reviews can be a stressful experience for anyone, whether you're an individual contributor or a manager. These conversations are critical for the success of a business, but it's common to feel unprepared. While every company approaches performance reviews differently, we've found a way to approach them with confidence through insights provided by the OnLoop app.

When you are tasked to reflect on an entire year of work it’s easy to fall into recency bias where the topics and situations you discuss are only what happened recently.  The best way to come prepared for your performance review is through regular feedback and reflection throughout the year.

By capturing your thoughts after meetings, receiving feedback from others, and tracking your progress towards goals, you can build up a record of your accomplishments and productivity. It doesn't have to take a lot of time – just record something noteworthy when it happens and watch your data compound over time.

At OnLoop, we're experts at capturing reflections and sharing feedback through the app. This makes it easier to share awareness of blind spots, areas for growth, and developed superpowers, using examples captured in the app. Plus, tracking your progress towards goals provides evidence of how you've completed (or even exceeded) them throughout the year.

The real magic happens when you use OnLoop to generate a Prism Summary; an AI-written summary of your captures, synthesized using OpenAI’s GPT technology. It's an easy-to-digest summary that can be generated for any time frame, helping not only with performance reviews but also with regular 1:1s.

Using OnLoop has helped our customers and our own team with performance reviews, reducing anxiety. Not only can it help you understand your successes and progress along the way, but it can also be used to provide tangible evidence when discussing your performance with your manager that may even lead to rewards or promotions. But perhaps the most important benefit of OnLoop is that it can provide clarity on how to succeed day to day.

The hybrid global workspace of today requires greater transparency and collaboration to succeed. To ensure professional growth internally with our team at OnLoop, we believe everyone can benefit from greater transparency and collaboration in their hybrid global workspace. Below are some real summaries of what the OnLoop team will be using in their performance reviews to give you an idea of the type of data you can expect from using OnLoop with your team.

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Here are some examples from the OnLoop Team:

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