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“OnLoop is proving to be monumentally important in kick-starting conversations that weren't happening. We're also seeing people start to re-frame the negativity they associate with 'feedback' into something more positive, viewing it as 'guidance' that they are actively seeing out amongst their peers.”

“And so I think performance reviews when you do them this way are problematic in a couple of ways, like one is that they tend to be sort of very top down, I think from a work chart standpoint and they don’t really give all of our individual team members, like enough of an opportunity sort of own their growth and that’s sort of a sort of a mantra that we used a couple weeks ago as we talked about this.”

One Platform. Enhance Visibility. Be Authentic

Compounding feedback

Reveal insights through quick, short reflections Captured through a signature tag system

Team visibility

Leverage dynamic Goals as a framework to share feedback and progress over time

Time saved

Generate AI-powered feedback summaries and never write a performance review again