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OnLoop was built

by thoughtful managers, for thoughtful managers

Meet the Team

CEO & Founder

Projjal Ghatak

Top OnLoop Tag:
Super Inspirational
My Goal is to fix the broken experience managers have today in trying to develop their teams deliberately and in a way that minimizes bias. We help busy managers and their even busier teams form habits to discover superpowers and enable personalized learning.
Head of Growth & Co-Founder

Anne Lewallen

Top OnLoop Tag:
Brings Out The Best
As a manager and team member, it was hard to know if I was bringing out the best in myself and my team. That uncertainty drove a lot of anxiety around how I was shaping my own career, and that of others. Knowing that I was actioning regular and meaningful development would have changed all that.
Head of Product & Strategy

Andrea Sanchez

Top OnLoop Tag:
Results Orientation
I have always wanted my team and peers to develop and grow towards what they want to become. Unfortunately, I was biased when giving feedback by the most recent behaviors or by what I had time to write down in my notebook. There was nothing that could aggregate their strengths and areas of improvement so we could work together on a path towards their professional aspirations.
Tech Advisor & Co-Founder

Muhammad Mohsin

Top OnLoop Tag:
Going Above & Beyond
I have always struggled when the time came to write meaningful, constructive, data-driven feedback for my colleagues and myself during my time at Google, and as a result a lot of time and effort was wasted. If I had OnLoop, this would have made this process so much easier, and enabled me to write more frequent and useful feedback.
Growth Product Manager

Arturo Berlanga

Top OnLoop Tag:
Ultra Learner
I love being a part of a global team that is dedicated to improving the unhealthy workplace culture that we've all been accustomed to.
Talent Owner

Montserrat Rodriguez

Top OnLoop Tag:
Self Assured
I am passionate about what we are building and at the same time I´m having fun while I´m learning.
Strategy and Operations Executive

Alejandro Rojas

Top OnLoop Tag:
Results Orientation
I joined OnLoop for two reasons: first, they were solving a problem that's present in every organization, a lack of feedback culture. Second, once I had the chance to meet the team, I didn’t think twice and wanted to be a part of it!
Senior Product Data Analyst

Daisy Ipatzi Bello

Top OnLoop Tag:
Great With Numbers
OnLoop impacts the productivity and the employee satisfaction for hybrid teams and plus, I am very passionate about some topics that we use in the company such as data insights, AI, analytics and data science. I really enjoy and have fun working here!
Product Intern

Elena Dickinson

Top OnLoop Tag:
Wants To Win
My internship at OnLoop has been a great learning experience that was entirely different than university. Our collaborative problem-solving sessions and fun brainstorming made me value a challenging work environment that would allow me to learn and grow.
Product Marketing

Ines Diaz

Top OnLoop Tag:
Curiosity About Others
Being unemployed at the start of the pandemic was frustrating. I knew I had more to offer than what showed on a resume with no real opportunity to prove it. While I was lucky enough to start my career a boss who saw me and pushed me to round out my weaknesses, that clearly wasn’t the norm. OnLoop gives me an easy way to tap into my strength and continue that growth no matter the situation.
Finance Manager

Jacqueline Lim

Top OnLoop Tag:
Self Starter
OnLoop’s 5 core values - Delight, Grit, Nurture, Speed, and Trust resonate with me. The idea of always celebrating people, and improving together with a growth mindset is very wholesome and motivating.
Head of Design

Michael Calcada

Top OnLoop Tag:
Design Expertise
Actionable and timely feedback is something I have always wanted from my managers throughout my career. I never felt that there was a lack of good intentions or interest, rather there was no channel set up to facilitate this. The OnLoop app solves these pains so that IC's and their managers can always be in the loop together.
UX/UI Designer

Mizan Shaikh

Top OnLoop Tag:
Going Above & Beyond
Being part of a workplace that promotes an open feedback culture while designing an app that would allow every other company to create this culture was the major driving force for me to join OnLoop.
Product Manager

Myra Yip

Top OnLoop Tag:
Brings Out The Best
I deeply resonated with the problem OnLoop is solving. A culture of continuous feedback, especially in a hybrid world, is something I think all companies should invest in early on – it’s very exciting that OnLoop is at the forefront of this.
Growth Associate

Patrick Sopko

Top OnLoop Tag:
Self Assured
I joined OnLoop to put the power of personal and professional development back in workers' hands.
Senior Software Engineer

Shashwat Mishra

Top OnLoop Tag:
Wants To Win
A friend recommended OnLoop due to its notable culture. It wasn't long after I decided to leave toxic workplace culture behind and work in a safe and welcoming workplace - which is how I ended up at OnLoop. It hasn't been long but it definitely feels like the right decision!
Account Executive

Sheila Mackeigan

Top OnLoop Tag:
Dot Connector
I joined OnLoop to help change how and why we work. Team building is super fun and rewarding and I'm fired up to be on this team as we clear new roads in the #futureofwork
Strategy and Operations Associate

Sherilyn Tan

Top OnLoop Tag:
Curiosity About Others
I see OnLoop as a garden where human beings can grow into their potential - they have the freedom to celebrate their wins and receive constant feedback to improve. I’m excited to be part of this meaningful journey and this phenomenal team!
UX/UI Designer

Shobhith Sridhar

Top OnLoop Tag:
Attention To Detail
Before OnLoop, I was constantly struggling with feedback which wasn’t actionable. I’m proud to be designing a cutting edge product that solves this problem by celebrating achievements and enabling actionable feedback.
Senior Software Engineer

Syed Mujtaba Nazki

Top OnLoop Tag:
High Energy
When I first saw, I almost immediately fell in love with what they were doing. I thought, "Damn! that's something I'd like to help build." And now I'm here, building this great product with an even greater team!

Our Core Values


We assume good intent in each other. We create a psychologically safe space for people to do their best work. We identify those who resonate with our values, and live by them every day.


We move fast – and try not to break things. We see the opportunity before us and seize it with fervor. Trust and collaboration make us swift without burning out.


Doing big things is hard. It’s riddled with trial and error, peaks and troughs. We improve through a foundation of nurture — towards each other and the things we build.


Products that stick are products that surprise, spark joy, and delight. We try to live in a state of delight, too. Life is too short to not have a spring in our step.


We are built for endurance. The world around us is moving rapidly and it will take a lot to keep up. Through our grit, we will persevere. Through our grit, we will make a difference.

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